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Winter Term 2016

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Academic Pathway Excellence (APX)
Accounting (ACC)
African American Studies (AFS)
Alternative Energy Technology (AET)
Anatomy and Cell Biology (ANA)
Anesthesia (AN)
Anthropology (ANT)
Arabic (ARB)
Armenian (ARM)
Art History (AH)
Art: Ceramics (ACR)
Art: Core (ACO)
Art: Design & Merchandising (AFA)
Art: Drawing (ADR)
Art: Fibers (AFI)
Art: Graphic Design (AGD)
Art: Industrial Design (AID)
Art: Interdiscip Electronic (AIN)
Art: Interior Design (AIA)
Art: Metalsmithing (AME)
Art: Painting (APA)
Art: Photography (APH)
Art: Printmaking (APR)
Art: Sculpture (ASL)
Art: Special Seminars (ACS)
Asian Studies (ASN)
Astronomy (AST)
Audiology (AUD)
Basic Engineering (BE)
Biochemistry and Molecular Bio (BMB)
Biological Sciences (BIO)
Biomed Sci, Interdisciplinary (IBS)
Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Brazilian Exchange Prog (BEP)
Business Administration (BA)
Business Law (BusAd) (BLW)
Cancer Biology (CB)
Chemical Engineering (CHE)
Chemistry (CHM)
Chinese (CHI)
Civil Engineering (CE)
   Classics (CLA)
Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS)
Communication (COM)
Computer Science (CSC)
Construction Management Tech (CMT)
Criminal Justice (CRJ)
Dance (DNC)
Dispute Resolution (DR)
Economics (ECO)
Educ: Art Education (AED)
Educ: Bilingual/Bicultural Ed (BBE)
Educ: Career and Tech Educ (CTE)
Educ: Counselor Education (CED)
Educ: Education (ED)
Educ: Elementary Education (ELE)
Educ: English Education (EED)
Educ: Evaluation and Research (EER)
Educ: Health Education (HE)
Educ: History and Philosophy (EHP)
Educ: Instructional Technology (IT)
Educ: Kinesiol, Health & Sport (KHS)
Educ: Kinesiology (KIN)
Educ: Language Education (LED)
Educ: Life Fitness Activities (LFA)
Educ: Mathematics Education (MAE)
Educ: Policy Studies (EPS)
Educ: Reading Lang & Lit (RLL)
Educ: Rehab Counseling (RCI)
Educ: Science Education (SCE)
Educ: Social Studies Educ (SSE)
Educ: Special Education (SED)
Educ: Teacher Education (TED)
Educational Administration (EDA)
Educational Psychology (EDP)
Electrical Transportation Tech (ETT)
Electrical and Computer Eng (ECE)
Electrical/Electronic Eng Tech (EET)
Electronic-drive Vehicle Eng (EVE)
Employment and Labor Relations (ELR)
Engineering Technology (ET)
Enginrg:Specl Topcs (EGR)
   English (ENG)
English Language Institute (ELI)
Family Public Health (FPH)
Finance (FIN)
Fine Arts - Interdisciplinary (FPC)
First Year Seminar (FYS)
French (FRE)
Gender Sexuality & Womns Stds (GSW)
Geography (GPH)
Geology (GEL)
German (GER)
Global Supply Chain Managmt (GSC)
Greek: Ancient (GKA)
Greek: Modern (GKM)
Hebrew (HEB)
History (HIS)
Honors (HON)
Immunology/Microbiology (IM)
Industrial Engineering (IE)
Information Systems Management (ISM)
Interdisciplinary Studies (ID)
Italian (ITA)
Japanese Studies (JPN)
Labor Studies Program (LBS)
Language Learning (LGL)
Latin (LAT)
Latino/a Latin Amer Studies (LAS)
Law (LEX)
Library & Information Science (LIS)
Linguistics (LIN)
Management (MGT)
Marketing (MKT)
Material Science & Engineering (MSE)
Mathematics (MAT)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Mechanical Engineering Tech (MCT)
Medical Research (MDR)
Medical Science, Basic (BMS)
Mfg/Industrial Eng Tech (MIT)
Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG)
Mortuary Science (MS)
   Music Education (MED)
Music History (MUH)
Music Theory (MUT)
Music, Applied-Private (MUP)
Music, Ensembles&General Crses (MUA)
Nanoengineering (NEN)
Near Eastern Studies (NE)
Nursing (NUR)
Nutrition and Food Science (NFS)
Occupational Therapy (OT)
Pathology (PTH)
Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS)
Pharmaceutical Sci (PSC)
Pharmacology (PHC)
Pharmacy (PHA)
Pharmacy Practice (PPR)
Philosophy (PHI)
Physical Therapy (PT)
Physician Assistant Studies (PAS)
Physics (PHY)
Physiology (PSL)
Polish (POL)
Political Science (PS)
Psychiatry (PYC)
Psychology (PSY)
Public Health (PH)
Radiation Oncology (ROC)
Radiation Therapy Tech (RT)
Radiologic Technology (RDT)
Russian (RUS)
Slavic (SLA)
Social Work (SW)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPA)
Speech and Lang Pathology (SLP)
Statistics (STA)
Swahili (SWA)
Systems Engineering (SYE)
Theatre (THR)
Ukrainian (UKR)
Urban Planning (UP)
Urban Studies (US)