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Winter Term 2018

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CHM 1000   (PS) Chemistry and Your World
CHM 1020   (PS) Survey of General Chemistry
CHM 1030   Survey of Organic/Biochemistry
CHM 1040   Chemistry Skills and Reasoning
CHM 1220   (PS) General Chemistry I
CHM 1225   (PS) General Chemistry I for Engineers
CHM 1230   General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM 1240   Organic Chemistry I
CHM 1250   Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM 2220   Organic Chemistry II
CHM 2225   Organic Chemistry II for Engineers
CHM 2230   Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
CHM 2280   General Chemistry II: Analytical Chemistry
CHM 2290   General Chemistry II: Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 2999   Honors Research Problems in Chemistry
CHM 3020   Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry I
CHM 4850   Frontiers in Chemistry
CHM 5400   Biological Physical Chemistry
CHM 5440   Physical Chemistry II
CHM 5550   (WI) Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 5570   Instrumental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 5600   Survey of Biochemistry
CHM 5998   Honors Thesis Research in Chemistry
CHM 5999   Research in Chemistry
CHM 6070   Advanced Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHM 6240   Organic Spectroscopy
CHM 6440   Computational Chemistry
CHM 6610   (WI) Biological Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 6635   Tools of Molecular Biology
   CHM 6640  Molecular Biology
CHM 6990  Directed Study
CHM 6991  Internship in Chemistry
CHM 7010  Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 7070  Advanced Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHM 7142  Data Analysis
CHM 7180  Mass Spectrometry
CHM 7220  Organic Reactions and Synthesis
CHM 7240  Organic Spectroscopy
CHM 7440  Computational Chemistry
CHM 7600  Structure and Function of Biomolecules
CHM 7635  Tools of Molecular Biology
CHM 7640  Molecular Biology
CHM 7990  Directed Study
CHM 8700  Research in Chemistry
CHM 8800  Seminar in Analytical Chemistry
CHM 8810  Seminar in Organic Chemistry
CHM 8820  Seminar in Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 8830  Seminar in Physical Chemistry
CHM 8840  Seminar in Biochemistry
CHM 8850  Frontiers in Chemistry
CHM 8999  Master's Thesis Research and Direction
CHM 9990  Pre-Doctoral Candidacy Research
CHM 9991  Doctoral Candidate Status I: Dissertation Research and Direction
CHM 9992  Doctoral Candidate Status II: Dissertation Research and Direction
CHM 9993  Doctoral Candidate Status III: Dissertation Research and Direction
CHM 9994  Doctoral Candidate Status IV: Dissertation Research and Direction
CHM 9995  Candidate Maintenance Status: Doctoral Dissertation Research and Direction